Collection Locations

US Bank, 569 32 Road #16a
Turn the Page Bookstore, 119 E. Aspen Avenue
US Bank, 412 Kokopelli Blvd

Grand Junction;
Heirloom for Hospice, 635 Main St (ask the staff please
Dollar Tree Store, 2531 Rimrock Ave
Returning Balance Therapy, 1000 North Ave, #42.
US Bank, 2448 F Road
US Bank, 422 White Avenue
Meadery of the Rockies, 3701 G Rd


Containers used for collecting items

About Us

Warming Hands began in 2009 as a personal drive to give a gift of warmth by donating gloves to those in need. It was not long before others wanted to help and we began setting goals for collection. In addition to gathering gloves we accept coats and other clothing to distribute directly the needy. Our distribution includes Homeward Bound, Rescue Mission, and Migrant Services in Palisade along with spot locations such as parks, corners, and wherever someone seems to be cold.

Last year we also began to collect items for Homeward Bound such as toilet paper and other personal care accessories. This is an attempt to help replenish their supplies used in giving shelter to the homeless.

Our staff is made up of family;just myself, my husband David, and my mom Annette. We are aided by local businesses who allow our collection bins to be placed within their establishments from October to March. Once a month we empty the bins and deliver the items to the needy.  

Collection Bins

Our collection bins are bright orange, sturdy, and clean. The large measures 18x23x16, and the small 13x14x10. We use the same flyer that is distributed to groups and individuals as the main logo to establish familiarity for donors.  My goal is to create a visual cue that the collection drive has begun. Donors know that when they start seeing the bright orange bins it is time to gather items.

A yearly press release is issued, and this year both the website and social media marketing are new. it is our hope to drive new business to the establishments that help us collect by advertising their cooperation. 

If you are interested in allowing us to place a bin within your business, please call Kathie at 970-462-5290. Thank you in advance!

Contact us

If you are interested in helping, you can contact us at