Collection Locations

US Bank, 569 32 Road #16a 
Turn the Page Bookstore, 119 E. Aspen Avenue
US Bank, 412 Kokopelli Blvd 

Grand Junction;
Heirloom for Hospice, 635 Main St (ask the staff please
Dollar Tree Store, 2531 Rimrock Ave
Returning Balance Therapy, 1000 North Ave, #42.
US Bank, 2448 F Road
US Bank, 422 White Avenue
Meadery of the Rockies, 3701 G Rd 


A story of strength; Face of those we help

Wendell Faircloth - the Cross Man Wendell's frostbitten hand Wendell trying to make a living selling crosses Sign advertising donations accepted for handmade crosses Some of the small crosses available

Warming Hands distributes to those in need without cost or obligation. Our mission is to make a positive impact on someone's life through one pair of gloves at a time. We collect warm gloves, clothing, and basic necessities then distribute to individuals in need and agencies who provide in-depth support, such as Homeward Bound, Child and Migrant Services.

Wendell Faircloth provides a face to those we help. He sells handmade crosses in Grand Junction, Colorado. His hand is severely frost bitten from working on the corner in the snow. Warming Hands provided medical supplies, hand warmers, gloves, and rain gear to keep his legs dry as he kneels to work.

Your donations make a difference, please continue to give. Look for our bright orange bins.

2013 poster for Warming Hands Projects